Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No mystery solved...

I contacted the Duplin County Register of Deeds to find out that they actually have their records online. What a nice surprise. So I immediately logged on and searched for my mother's paternal grandmother.

Once again, I was completely disappointed. Annie M. Darden/Derden was not listed among the deceased in Duplin County. It's as if she disappeared after the 1920 Census. I am not sure exactly how to proceed here. I know that her father's name was John, but that is a very common name. I know that he was related to another John Darden and a Jack Darden. But I have been told they were cousins. I have found Jack Darden and his family on the census. I'm thinking that perhaps I should find Jack again and see who's living near and around him. Maybe I'll find something interesting.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Family history still a mystery

It's June, 2008; summer already. I feel as if I am not accomplishing very much as far as my family history is concerned. After a recent trip (earlier this month) to North Carolina and pleading with the clerk at the register of deeds to allow me to copy the D Index for death records, I am still no closer to solving one of the many mysteries of my family.

My maternal grandfather's mother died (I assume) sometime between 1920 and 1930. She is listed on the 1920 census with her children, but in 1930, the children are listed with their sister and brother-in-law. I have scoured the D Index for her name, but it's not there. There are many Dardens listed (her name is Annie M. Darden, possibly listed as Anna, Dorden, Doeden, Derden).

Then I had a thought. What if she died in Duplin County and not Sampson County and her name is misspelled??? I plan to call the Duplin County Register of Deeds and beg them to copy and send me their D Index.

Fingers crossed.