Sunday, January 13, 2008

A new confusing mystery...

I have found out for sure that my maternal line originates in Nigeria. As I delve into my paternal line, I find that the story is not coming together as quickly.

After speaking with a cousin's (my father's first cousin), I was told that our family origin is Black Foot Indian and Cherokee Indian. An aunt also confirmed this. However, my cousin (my father's first cousin) says if you dig down far enough, you might find white people.

I've studied the origins of the county where most of my family came from. It was settled by mostly Scots-Irish. My paternal great-grandfather was supposedly Cherokee. I may even find him on the census records recorded as such, but there is some speculation that he and his family where white. If this is the case, they may be Scots-Irish, considering the fact that my paternal grandfather's last name was Smith.

I often wondered how the Smith name came to be in our family. I also have a couple of people ask me if I was Scottish. It all makes sense now.

I guess now I have another mystery to solve.